Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter (in Newport)

Most people head south for some reprieve...not me. Alas, I was lucky enough to spend some holi-days in Boston and Newport. I packed the warmest gear I could unearth but I was still inappropriately dressed for the weather (as per usual) even though I was desperately hoping for snow!
Here are some frigid highlights from my adventures. As always, the absolute warmest gratitude to my friends who are truly an extension of my family. Xoxo

Bannister's Wharf (view of The Black Pearl) moments after the snow
started to stick!

Cocktail napkin, pre-Dark-n-Stormy...

The frozen courtyard fountain at the Pelham Court Hotel - arguably
one of the most perfect, comfortable, and wonderful places to stay in Newport.

Yep. Delicious. And thank you to B&W! Cheers to 2013!
Note the competes with Barritt's for Best Orangey Color.

Darling GSB-R in her New Years Eve glory, post-Midnight.
Her vintage velvet paisley hostess skirt is incredible, and always
wearing gold like a goddess. Excellent look.

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Arianne said...

Love your blog Heidi - keep it up! I need to get back into it.... XOXO