Friday, January 13, 2012

A Statement on The Winter Fashion Rut

I am in a fashion rut*.  When this happens I need to remind myself to seek out the help of those streetwise fashionistas being photographed around the globe.  It's true my current professional lifestyle does not require such eloquent dressing, but I can still make a statement with one giant necklace.  It's unavoidable to the eye and in my experience immediately lifts the spirits (while hopefully not weighing you down, some are so heavy!). 
Enjoy the necklace inspiration below.  Remember (to myself and others) that the corresponding outfit need not be complicated; a simple grey t-shirt and white jeans will do*.
(*I am in a late-Spring-like climate and yet it is January and natives all around me seem to be wearing winter gear. But it's 73 and sunny outside. Oh the difficult dilemmas I have to sort out, I know.)
Petite for a statement piece, but packs extra punch in with highlighter yellow - a favorite color of mine that I love to treat as a neutral.

Gorgeous. Piece. Of. Jewelry.

Love the bold look over demure and classic crisp white blouse.

The Queen of Fine Jewelry wears a classic torsade of gems with a simple sweater. That's how to do it ladies!

Yabusame porcelian horse necklace from Anthropologie.

Adia Kibur neon green and rhinestone multi-strand necklace from Shopbop, $174.

losselliani mussed up strands with deer horn detail (love me some antlers) available at Shopbop, $674.

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