Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Going Big in 2012 at the Urban Barn in Southern CA

Happy New Year!
I am opening 2012 with a wonderful and inspiring gem located in Escondido, California (a 30-minute jaunt from San Diego proper and approx. two hours from LA - worth the drive folks!).
Welcome to the Urban Barn - a co-op of thirty "booth" style spaces of incredible vintage accessories and furniture - reworked and original - as well as new items of clothing, accessories, gifts, and more.  Not only will your creative juices flow but you will be inspired by the layers of incredible pieces available in price points from $2 to $600+.  Have a look below, as my mother says "a picture is worth 1000 words"...but I cannot refrain from adding some words of my own...
Urban Barn located at 155 W. Crest St, Escondido, California
Genius and gorgeous - a large chandelier in this vintage birdcage.
Enormous warehouse doors open this indoor-outdoor showroom to larger-than-life displays.  This store makes Anthropogie look amateur.  Incredible.

A "booth" space with a Shabby Chic/French/Vintage look - furniture and glitter and antique mixing bowls! 

Dying. For. This.  A Happy Birthday tiara.  It's vintage.  I LOVE.  A mere $48.

Gorgeous display of German glass glitter.  Shakers ranging from $6-20.  This is the good glitter people.  You know the stuff that makes disco balls look dull.

Entrance to the outdoor space - incredible cement garden finds as well as plenty of vintage furniture. 

Shell cake.  Whomever has this space is seriously gifted with shells, and has incredible amounts of patience.  This shell cake is stunning.  A gorgeous gift for the seaside bride or bridal store. 
Note the dress form covered in a shell bathing costume behind. 

I am a sucker for vintage iron lawn furniture.  I grew up with it (and complained about it since it was not "new" and
cushy or neon in the 80s) but now I have a real appreciation for these pieces.  They are used beautifully at the Parker in Palm Springs and look incredible around a croquet lawn.  Hello!  This settee above is perfection. 
Trust me this vintage shopping adventure is worth the trip if you find yourself floating around SoCal.  I have already been there twice in 24 hours buying an incredible marble cheese cloche for $8 and a stunning black and white marble cafe table with an iron base for a steal. 
Run, don't walk. 

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