Wednesday, August 24, 2011

La Petite Fille (The Little Girl)

As you may know, dear friend, I am slightly obsessed with "street fashion". It is inspiring to see how others use basic pieces the way artists like Van Gogh or Dali used the same medium. 
In the coming days I will share favorite street fashion, and some of the best comes from New York and of course Paris. There is something about French style that all has the same je ne sais quoi; it's borderline conformist but at the same time reeks of searing individuality. Maybe because French women are prone to embracing who they truly are instead of vying for the biggest hair, longest nails, or highest heels. These women smoke if they want to, drink champagne as they see fit, and embrace their real bodies - all the while smearing more brie on those perfect baguettes. 
The photo below kicks off my Ode A La Femme Française.

This could be the most chic little girl in the world.  Truly "in training".  Photo taken in Paris, unfortunately I am not sure who the photographer was although I suspect it was the Sartorialist.
A grown woman pairing down her wardrobe could base many decisions on these four pieces alone, - and they way they are worn.
1. Great trench, unbuttoned but belted and slightly askew
2. Striped shirt
3. Cropped and rolled jeans
4. black ballet flats

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Heidi Brueggeman said...

Come to find out this little girl is called Francoise (of course) and her mother is...drumroll please...Emanuelle Alt, the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue. Of course she is. Her fate is sealed...(in a good way).