Sunday, August 28, 2011

Feelings about the French

I started learning to speak French when I was ten; when I went on to college I did not have to speak en Francais to my friends. The language abandoned me, and I abandoned French.  And until recently I was kind of upset with the French.  I was non-plussed about the entire anti-American vibe that tends to eminate from le Francais when they are commenting on world politics.  The thing is, the glorious US of A has the best of all worlds (with some exceptions, and my overt confidence spoken like a true American), therefore some nationalities may want to comment in the negative.  I realized that my being irked with stereotyping the French was the same thing they were allegedly thinking about me, or my countrymen and political representatives at least.  Therefore, I let it go (and started reading French magazines again to reaquaint myself with their entire culture sans over ripe fromage).  Mostly I let it go because it is hard to argue that these people do not have a sense of style.  So I am back on with the French, as you already know from my gushing posts about how incredibly French women dress and on and on.  This seems like a Sunday Thought to me, so I will end it there and leave you with a few pleasing images...
I love a graphic and retro looking anything.  The font is also tres chic.  Although I feel to be completely stereotypical, this guy needs a moustache.  With a slight curl on the end.

Gorgeous and simple table.  It's so cozy I want to take a nap right on top of the handwritten menus.

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