Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Clothes

Somehow I am not sure that most areas of the U.S. would see it as acceptable to wander into appointments and grocery stores dressed out in bright prints and vintage Lilly maxi dresses.  I don't think I want to live in those places where people would think it odd.  I live in one now.  All that means is that I have to re-harness my style confidence and wear the things that make me happy. 
Jules Reid summer caftan dress.
 My partner in crime, Vieve, and I saw Jules Reid's little booth at Coterie a few years back.  Her prices are borderline poolside couture (over $1,000 for the caftan shown above).  Her execution is great, the fabrics and designs are wonderfully reminiscent of Palm Beach Lilly meets Capri in 1969. 
Like the other designers whose price tags leave me to my imagination, so does Jules Reid.  That kiwi printed caftan makes me want to dust off my pink and white Lilly dress from the early 70s that I snagged at a vintage store in Hudson, Ohio.  The pants (below) make me long to find a tailor who can whip up some flare legs for me out of dangerous ikat. 
Jules Reid blouse and great ikat pants.
The lesson here (for me) is to be bold and inspired.  I need to rediscover some of the treats lurking in my closet and make everyday a little more showstopping - for me more than anyone else. 
Happy Summer.

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