Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 22, 2011 An Exercise in Perfection

I got married Sunday, May 22 in Yemassee, South Carolina.  It was perfect.
Old Sheldon Church ruins in Yemassee, South Carolina
Scott and I got married at the Old Sheldon Church (above) which was built in 1745-55, and consequently burned down by the British soldiers in the Revolutionary War - rebuilt - and burned again by Union soldiers in the Civil War.  The church was not rebuilt after that, but since then the ruins have been used for services and weddings. 
It is an amazing and peaceful place and majestic in its presence.  The live oak trees are bent and crippled with hanging moss, and ferns and seedlings are growing from the bricks.  It is magical.  And in the middle of nowhere...
The River Club at Oldfield 1732 plantation. 
Our reception was held at Oldfield 1732, a residential plantation with several clubhouses, a rambling golf course, and incredible "Low Country" style homes.  Oldfield is nothing short of a moment in time where everything was simpler, slower, and made more sense.  Our families and friends stayed in cottages throughout the property.  It is a totally gated and secured environment, so the kids were able to ride their bikes to mini adventures that I remember creating when I was younger. 
I cannot say enough about my weekend and especially about my wedding day.  It was perfect in every way and I am pretty sure those of you who were able to join us feel the same way.  Thank you for your love and adoration - as well as your support and presence.  It means the world to us. 


Scott said...
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Miqui Lora said...

Soctt and Heidi, we loved every minute of the day you two put together. It was lovely in every way. XXOO

Miqui, Ernesto and Daisy.