Saturday, June 11, 2011


Is it a coincidence that I am listening to Ravel's "Bolero" as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra (a favorite, second only to the Cleveland Symphony!) that I would be inspired to do my post on these gorgeous collections of bracelets as worn by ladies in Madrid?  My mother always wore a cacophony of bangles in different metals and shapes.  There were usually some of the same bangles used consistently which helped me to identify her in adjacent grocery store aisles or when she made hand gestures while talking on the telephone.  I love bracelets.  I do not design many of them in my jewelry line, Sugar.  But for some reason, I collect them to no deafening end.  (Bolero is nearing it's crescendo, as I think of my mounting collection of assorted wrist adornments...)
Fantastic skirt, excellent with her bangle choices.  This makes me want to buy some espadrilles and travel.
 These two women from Madrid (above and below) have a wonderful sense of how to arrange and confidently wear a collection of bangles.  Assert yourselves this summer, as with other style inspiration.  If I weren't working today I would dart into my room and pile some on myself.  Maybe I can later for an eventful late afternoon at Trader Joe's... What event is more important than daily life?
Love the orange ones, and the tribal patterened pieces.  Excellent with the yellow shirt.

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