Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glory Days

It is not news that I love 70s design.  Circa 1983 with the arrival of inflatable palm trees I was not too impressed by that "brown and gold decade" (although I still loved disco jams on the radio).  Now that I have aged like a fine wine (but not a super fine expensive wine, hello, I am not that aged), and the 70s have settled in like a respectable, dynaimic Tawny Port, I love the complexity and minimalism of 1970s inspired design. 
Pink bedroom designed by Kelly Wearstler
In California there is a lot of residual design from mid-century modern to glitterati Studio 54 glory days.  I like that it is present, and accessible.  There is so much of it that it is easy to stumble on a property with potential or an Egyptian Revival statue from Palm Springs.
I LOVE Palm Springs.  It could be the finest thing about Southern California.  I am going there over the holiday, and I will be sure to report back with some of their incredible consignment store finds.  Or at least some snaps of hotel interiors.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi - Am your newest follower - nice to meet you!

I loved watching Kelly on the Jonathan Adler design show - seeing her outfits each week were great - they are as artistic as her interior design style!

Have great holiday weekend!