Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stunning Bits from 1st Dibs and My Imaginary Par-tay in the 1970s

The 70s were genius.  Was everyone so consumed with looking chic and partying (and you know I mean partying as in total disregard for one's health and safety, really just slopping it all on) in sequins that there was nothing else happening in the world?  I think so, and it was brilliant!  The only way to transport yourself there is with a little disco, amber lighting, and fantastic design.  To think that when I was seven I thought the 70s were so passe - it was 1982.  I love the 80s, too, for entirely different reasons. 

M. Calka fiberglass Boomerang desk, 1970
1st Dibs
...and if you prefer it in yellow...
1st Dibs

This lucite bar illuminates.  Yes, it lights UP.  How insane is that?  Cocktails and presentation were so important that someone went beyond lucite dining room table to...oh...light up lucite bar.  Sure.  No problem.
1st Dibs

And a pair of matching green sofas for my living room with the flokati and zebra rug (with head)...
by Milo Baughman
and I am going to wear these indoors at my tres chic par-tay where peeps are mingling at the lucite bar and lounging on my pair of green sofas...
1970s Christian Dior sunglasses, $375 (isn't that about the same price as they are now?  snatch these up!)
THIS is a Halston ombre dyed fur wrap from the 1970s.  Who needs pants when you are wearing this, right? 
Outfit complete.  Halston, sold, hopefully to someone who will wear it appropriately.

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