Thursday, April 14, 2011


These pieces are phenomenal.
Beware you are about to view my dream trench coat (who knew I even had a dream trench coat? I didn't until I saw this sweet specimen).  Also a supremely gorgeous dress that I would definitely wear in my wedding even though it is not monochromatically white-ish. 
Burberry python trench coat with stud collar detail, Bergdorf Goodman, $9,995.
(python belt also available for $850)
Azzedine Alaia dress, Bergdorf Goodman, $7,140.
Of course for some odd reason we cannot have python delivered or sold to the state of California.  It seems if there was one state that shouldn't want to "save" pythons it would be California, and maybe Florida.  These are the two places that would seem to have the most "pet pythons" (giant exotic pets that become like the flower from "Little Shop of Horrors") released into the "wild" (metropolitan infrastructures) and therefore they may want to even enact some kind of posse that chases pythons.  I would be happy to lobby for assembling a posse in that Burberry trench coat and some Louboutin python platforms. 

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