Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Mad Hatter

I just adore creative people who express their perspective in ways that are counter intuitive to most of society, and offer us a glimpse of their inspiration.  Anyone can do it - it is the execution that counts.  The recipe calls for an open mind, a positive outlook, and the ability to do something possibly "risky" without caring too much what people will say. 
At age 18 I accepted that most people were probably not spending too much time talking about me and analyzing my decisions.  This is exactly the kind of epiphany required to begin exploiting one's ideas of style and true expressions of creativity.  Below are two wonderful examples...
Genius.  Tank watch as collar accessory (I cannot exactly say "bow tie" since there is nothing tied and no bow...)

Butterfly wings vs. feather-in-one's-cap. 

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