Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Heart Cakestands

There is a store on Abbot Kinney Blvd that my friend Geoffrey Nichols walks past with his precious black pug called Pixie.  It is almost offensive to call Pixie just a "black pug" because she is so much more.  
I digress.  Geoffrey and his sister Ali are the BEST at noticing artistic and chic details no matter where they are.  And I LOVE that both of them send me images that make them happy, or wonder (in this case with the cakestands), or jealous (as with the green BMW 2000 in an older post).  
Apparently this shop changes their window display of stacked colorful cakestands often.  First, they have enough cakestands to even create this installation once.  Second, they have so many different and brilliant cakestands that they can change the installation often!  I am not sure how often this cakestands are rearranged, but Geoffrey has assured me he will continue his updates on this window display. 
I am going to make this cakestand matrix one of my destinations next time I am in LA.  I love random, incredible, thought provoking, eccentric, colorful, interesting effort.  And I love cakestands. 

Abbot Kinney Cakestands March 2011

Abbot Kinney Cakestands April 2011


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