Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts On Our 80s Legend

My love for the 80's, enthusiastically celebrated in this blog already, should prepare all of you for a tribute to the Man Himself, Michael Jackson.
Of course he was troubled and confused, in public and private. Most Influential Artists live in an otherworldly fog that mere mortals will never know; most of us are lucky that we will never experience their struggle of mind and spirit. Instead we are allowed to be the recipients of incredible gifts beladen on us by these immensely gifted people who sacrifice their sanity and a long life in order to make our worlds inherently better, inspiring, and magical.

Michael wasn't meant to live forever; someone like him never grows old in our minds and hearts. Alternatively he has been given a gift upon his departure: a celebration of his life, work, and unparalleled talent. Since Thursday I have heard MJ songs played on nearly every genre of radio station, and out of every kind of car imaginable. MJ may never have truly known the love and admiration his friends and fans had for him while he was here, I can only hope that he is now experiencing the world-wide outpouring of music and memories in these days after his death.
Now go jam out to some P.Y.T. or a little Human Nature. 'Til tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Heidi, I must comment on this post. You position on MJ is quite right. We can neither look the other way nor look away. Genius he was, sad, flawed, but genius still.

Perhaps this is a cliche, but I love you, man.