Monday, June 8, 2009

A-ha! Strawberries!

I am pleased to report that Sweetberry Farm now has STRAWBERRIES. If you are anywhere near Newport, Rhode Island I strongly encourage you to dash as fast as you possibly can to the purveyor of delicious, sweet, juicy red berries that taste like the ones I used to devour back home in Ohio from the empty field next to our lake house. This berry thing is the final notch in the countdown to summer here in Newport. Some of the noted signs are:
The Pearl Patio opening and their mudslide machine in full swing
The Midway and Summer Sushi at the Cooke House
Dockwise in the Harbor
The Ravers
Break of dawn at around 4:45 am (are we near the arctic circle or something?)
My first sunny day at Gooseberry that I enjoyed thouroughly yesterday with Sarah and Vieve.
Happy Summer.

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