Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To: Avoid The Cobble-Wobble

The espadrille or wedge is really the only Newport-appropriate shoe in the summer. Therefore those of us who live here and visit here (packing proper attire*) are pleased that the wedge is still in fashion and easily attained. Though we try to wear other cute sandals from seasons past and present, it is often that we turn to the wedge to provide extra height plus assistance in maneuvering the cobblestones, bricks, lawns, and docks that we often navigate on an evening out.
Stubbs and Wootton Grace Espadrille, a favorite of mine although they do not offer them in as many wonderful colors as years past. How about Mimosa, S&W? It is Color of the Year afterall!
*please note that "proper attire" in Newport requires packing several layers including foul weather gear in anticipation of the temperature and precipitation variances that occur on a normal day. Clearly I have a preoccupation with the weather combined with fact that I am usually "dressed inappropriately" for the weather, ask the friends. Maybe it's wishful thinking.

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Allie in G'town said...

I am on a mission to resurrect the Jaques Cohen espadrille AND those did come in a plethera of colors. I will consider a "Mimosa" when I overtake the company. And, unlike the S&W's, they will be relatively inexpensive, cuz everyone knows one crazy night can lead to one ruined/soggy/beer smellin pair of espadrilles.