Friday, June 19, 2009

Delightfully Juicy

The color of this chandelier is delicious, a color Pantone not only calls "Mimosa" but has also named it Color of the Year. Not to mention the fixture itself is really juicy and delightful. Take a closer look.Ali found this little treasure, I am not sure where it is from. It belongs in a retro bungalow oozing with citrus zebra-print, stacks of vintage Flair magazines, and laquered everything.
Back to Color of the Year. I should be on this committee. If not declaring annual celebratory colors, at least assisting in naming them. Mimosa is not just a word, it is a sensory experience for anyone who has ever enjoyed a fresh Mimosa while admiring an incredible view, the morning after a noteworthy event, or during a vibrant holiday brunch. A cocktail to commemorate and savor. Now it is officially a color. Pantone did a delicious job deciding 2009's color and naming it appropriately (although I am still available to them for consult on future colors).
Juice yourself some oranges, pop the spare bottle, and enjoy one tomorrow morning. With the way this weather is on the East Coast we need little pleasures to keep us optimistic.

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