Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Le Francais sont Gris

Translated: The French are Gray. 
It's a complement from my perspective.  Christian Dior is famous for their "Dior Gray" (now available at Benjamin Moore - hello!).  I love Gray.  It's one of my favorite colors - alone or mixed with almost any color it makes everything chic. 
I am en route to my home coast and have been collecting various pieces of reworked furniture and antiques all in the French style (some are gray like an amazing pair of cane side chairs...).  I am not sure the nouveau Chez Sugarbuzz will be able to handle a complete French Revolution, so I will pick my battles room by room.  Here is some inspiration I have been pondering...
The French (and the style inspired by) are so chic they make possible trash look purposeful.  I love this old window as the backdrop for the very (gray) bar set up. 

That giant fireplace is so amazing it looks like it is going to eat this dining set like kindling!  Of course the chandelier cannot be ignored...
I call this "dueling chandeliers".  I love it and would not have thought of hanging a matching pair of sparkly chandeliers to my bedside.  Cozy! 

Gray velvet grounds this whole room and makes it serene and cozy. I love this look because it is sophisticated but casual. 

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