Monday, March 19, 2012

Blocked In

I hesitated a bit with the whole colorblocking-is-in announcement.  All I could imagine were a bunch of people running around mixing all of the wrong things together looking like human sized Legos...possibly me being one of them.  And then I realized that unless I am wearing stripes (which I am most of the time, like right now, plus fur vest!), I am usually in some mode of color blocking.  My mother always told me solids were a sure thing.  True true.  For me mixing solid colors is safe - no print mixing to meddle with and no layers of stripes on stripes. 
Here are a few inspiring colorblock mixes exaggerated by my favorite neon yellow, clashing colors, etc. The backgrounds of these shots are just incredible in different will see what I mean. 
Colorblock away dear friends! Avoid primary colors thus you will blend in at Chez Lego...ciao!  
1. The Bridge. Amazing.
2. LOVE the neon coat choice.  It's not really an exercize in colorblocking now that I look at the photo but the neon coat made it look that way - fresh!
3. Facehunter photo at London Fashion Week FW2012

1. Also good background - shipyard chic! 
2. Great yellow skirt.  I love how she treats it as the neutral that ties the whole look together even though the color is off the chain. 
3. photo via Facehunter, I believe from New Zealand?

1. The hot. pink. wall. makes this shot!  From Sao Paulo where hot pink walls are the norm.
2. I love when someone wears socks with sandals.  I don't have the nerve to do it, but I love it.
3. Fabulous wack looking metallic creature on the dress.  Futuristic Tribal. 
4. Thank you again Facehunter. 

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