Friday, September 23, 2011

The Ol' Switcharoo

A few days ago I was in my native Northeastern Ohio basking in the September light and enjoying the heavy grey clouds that define the essential Fall Sky. While shopping for some warm-weather-fall-clothing with my Mother (she retreats south of the Mason-Dixon line while I headed back across the Mississippi) I heard a woman ask her friend: "have you switched over yet?". Sadly, I have not, and will not for some time unless some Fall crispiness arrives in this Southern latitude for a cameo.  (It does get chilly at night which gives me hope for a nice boot parade on occasion.)
This "switch over" topic seemed to occupy a lot of my conversation when I lived back East. I remember those Indian Summer days that caused us to ask: "is it too late for a sandal?". Inevitably the weather would turn brisk fifteen minutes later answering our question. 
Whether you are "switching over" to darker colored linen and adding a scarf to your favorite t-shirt - or pulling out all of the windproof gear and collecting new tights - cheers to Fall! A seasonal wardrobe marker in the passage of time and an homage to all things knitted, furry, lined, cozy, and suede. Yum.
Paris streetwear - great sweater...
Maybe just being in Paris means you know how to wrap a scarf?

Isabel Marant Fall 2011.
Do you think 72 degrees is too warm to consider such a knit...? Hmm...

DVF Fall 2011
You know I love a sequin/maxi/long sleeve/DVF anything. Not that my daily life ever calls for any of those extremes in one fell swoop - it doesn't mean you wouldn't see me considering this ensemble for a trip around Trader Joe's.
Happy Fall!  Now go get yourself a Honeycrisp apple and enjoy at that gorgeous canvas above you. 

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