Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How I (want to) Roll

Since most of my travel is limited to domestic flights where I check a piece of mediocre luggage (hello, I overpack and will not drag that puffed out piece through security) I do not have the need to own bespoke luggage such as Globetrotter, LV, or Goyard. 
Typing those words makes me wish for a time when train cars were boarded with trunks and assorted monogrammed pieces. If Amtrak wasn't so dodgy between major cities I might consider donning a caftan and wafting from platform to platform followed by a uniformed steward pushing a cart piled with my must-haves for the next region... We have a thing for trains in my family, but I have to say these days it doesn't go much past underground commuter railcars and freight.
Since the next best thing to the Orient Express is private jet travel I must highlight the deserving luggage that has earned some time aboard a private people mover via sky, rail, or road.  They also make chic side tables...
Globetrotter, in orange.  Monogrammed of course.  The Crew and Globetrotter are in cahoots, but I am not sure about the monogramming status of a Crew purchased piece since I have not gotten that far in my "matched amazing luggage" Life Plan.  Yet. 

Do I even need to remark on this?  Union Jack interior.  Ooooooh.  Globetrotter likes to team up with designers to do chic linings. 

Darjeeling Limited custom luggage a la Louis Vuitton.  Quilted interior?  Amaze.  My things would look so much prettier if they were tucked gently into this piece of incredible usable artistry... 

The Darjeeling Limited Collection...numbered and monogrammed.  Of course the most important part, please admire the running safari animals.  GENIUS.  It was my favorite thing about the movie.  Most props/styling are my favorite things about a movie; and leave it to Wes Anderson to reel me in with some MJ collaboration. 

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