Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Perfect Place

I have never been to this exact beach cottage below.  What it represents is the perfect culmination of all of the gorgeous, comfy, backwoods, run-down, and essential cottages and cabins that I have been in during the summers of my life.  This being the last official weekend of summer, I thought I should share these photos. 
The place in time and space featured below is, in my mind, complete bliss.  I want to incorporate elements of this cottage living into every aspect of my life.
The Chandelier Surf Shack, I believe in Montauk.  Photos courtesy of Garance Dore's blog by the same name. 
Can one get away with so many patterns and colors in anything other than a home that is used for relaxation? The answer is yes.  If it is on the water, or if you are dedicated to owning this complete look and making it work. 

Even the fish have a chic shack for their enjoyment (and everyone else's).

I could spend the rest of my life at the end of this dock (with a few choice people, a steady stream of magazines and sweaters, and don't forget the iced tea).

The lanterns, the yard.  This is how to use a tree and a lawn properly.

I mean they have teepees.  There are teepees there.  I want this place.

Of course their beehives are striped.  Aren't they all?  This is BRILLIANT and gorgeous.  And of course it makes me want a beehive. 

Incredible bunk room. If you recall from a previous post my love of a decent bunk room. Well this goes beyond. And it makes me want to have a bunk room in my house. That's it, the guest room is going to be a bunk room.
Note the Hudson Bay blankets (never ever get these wet or think you can take them to the beach for a bonfire - they are sand sponges...).

Do I even need to address this embroidery?  Love. 

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