Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suzani Fever

As you may know, I really enjoy graphic prints, texture, and nods to ethnicity. Suzanis seem to capture all of those traits.  Suzanis are native to central Asia; for centuries they have been presented to the groom as part of the bride's dowry.  They are gorgeous and colorful and range in size and shape. 
I first fell in love with them last year in Palm Springs (yes I go on an on about PS, I know).  Jonathan Adler uses one draped over a sofa in the lobby at the Parker (see below).  Since then I have wondered what they were and how I could get my hands on one (or two or three).
Have a look on Ebay, but make sure you read descriptions and know what size and condition you are buying.  They really make a stunning statement in any room as a throw, wall-hanging, as pillows, or even a tablecloth. Have a gander at some inspiring photos below.
A Martyn Lawrence Bullard decorated room at Colony Palms (in PS of course) using a Suzani as a headboard.  Gorgeous. And PS I love Million Dollar Decorators.

The suzani draped on the central sofa in the Parker Hotel lobby.  The first one I loved.  What a chic way to dress up a boring sofa (read: your white twill one from Ikea would get a whole new life with one of these...).

A gorgeous hand-printed Suzani gift bag at World Market - and they have matching wrapping paper. $6.99.  I LOVE World Market.  They have incredible little items for very few dollars.  You will see more blog updates from World Market, I go hunting in there often.

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