Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Heart Palm Springs, Part One

I love Palm Springs. It could be the best feature in Southern California. 
Last week we spent a little time at the Parker Hotel over there in the desert.  Yes, it was about 110 degrees.  And as a bonus it was oddly humid and they even had a few thunderstorms while we were there.  (I desperately miss thunderstorms by the way!) 
Here are a few bits from the Parker.  My next post will highlight some of the INCREDIBLE consignment store vintage furniture shopping in Palm Springs.  It's the best I have ever seen in quality, selection, design, and price. 
One of the guest buildings at the Parker.  The landscaping is perfect - overgrown but manicured, flowering, and creates nooks of privacy for every building and lawn area.

The Outdoor Lounge at the Parker. I love the butterfly chairs.

The indoor firepit in the lounge inside the Parker. 

The main area of the lobby.  Jonathan Adler did the redesign of the hotel years ago, it is quintessential Palm Springs.

The green marble and copper tinted mirrored lobby bar that seats six.  It is gorgeous.  Shawn is the bartender and he is a star!  And Zoe at the front desk is generous and very friendly. 

The PSYC, or entrance to the spa at the hotel.  Spacious and lovely. 

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