Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Practical Caftan

Caftan = a style statement that is confident, casual & glamorous in one fell swoop of a kimono sleeve.
What else could you wear to the beach over your salty tanned skin, and then throw on gold jewelry (stacked in excess) and be the most stylish woman in the room?
A caftan takes confidence. Assurance in yourself that you have the posture to look good in something shapeless (this is why a v-neck caftan is the most flattering). And the presence to walk into a room and be noticed. A caftan is not a subtle statement when worn somewhere beyond a resort or beach club. Be inspired by the looks below. There are a lot of caftans out there whether vintage or new that have heaps of potential...add saltwater and/or gold jewelry at your descretion.

Iconic photo of Talitha Getty with her husband John Paul Getty, Jr. a rooftop and a YSL caftan, Morocco January 1969. 

NYC street style caftan on the loose.  I love the look.

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