Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Double Trouble

A-ha! The double watch...back again. I suppose for some stylophiles it may have never been off radar. I do love it. Especially the throwback double watch that includes a Swatch. The brand that started it all. I had my share of Swatches, it started with the pink strawberry (raspberry?) scratch-n-sniff one sold at the Limited. $25. I love watches. I do not wear a watch because I do not want to be a "slave to time". 

The Double Watch Phenomenon Returns...as seen with striking red Celine handbag.
Totally over the top and uncalled for, maybe I will start wearing two watches. It can be my statement against technology that allows us to use our cell phones as time-telling crutches (well I do anyway). I would probably wear a sundial strapped to my wrist if I could find one. What a statement. I will have to live with duel analogue watches instead.

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