Friday, October 2, 2009


Peabody's Beach, aka Third Beach.
I clearly cannot just let summer go so easily. I like fall. But it also is a precursor to something more ominous. That other season that is looming down from the North. It already snowed in Vermont. That creates an awful lot of conversation about premature winter, solid precipitation, and temperature. Now is the time where I panic and begin to frantically plan mini-breaks. Where could I go by car in less than two day's drive and end up on a beach? How much is a flight to Paris (I know it's cold there, too, but it is different...)? Who said they were getting a ski house for the winter? Anything to break up anticipated monotony of the dreaded season of sleep.
It's sunny out now so I am going to try my hardest to relish in the moment and bask in the sun...

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Ernest said...

Heidi, I know I have been aol. My bad. But please, know that you have a place in SRQ for the freeze. We gingerly refer to Mr. Kits old room as the guest room. But facts are facts and there are perfectly wonderful folks such as yourself freezing. And if you can get her here, Dixie is welcome, too.

Q in SRQ (I am not Ernie)