Friday, January 16, 2009

Sober is the new Drunk

Sober is the new Drunk.
I have several friends who are "on the wagon", although they are not alcoholics and some wine has recently been found on the wagon. They are not participating in the same kind of holiday style drinking that has been allowed since before the 4th of July. I have also been off booze for a few months, and I feel great.

Of course I will forget how great I feel compared to waking up after a long night of Dark'n'Stormies during a regatta weekend in Newport. When it gets even remotely warm, I will indulge once more. But for now, this is the slogan to live by in our neck of the woods.

All of this could be negotiated if you are on vacation in a spot that is warm enough to legitimately wear flip flops, like Key West. Race Week starts Monday. I am sad to say I am not going this year (along with many other people since boat money is not as free flowing as the Mt. Gay at the race week tent). So we remain in Newport, cold, sober and totally in style.

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