Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nudes (the color)

It's raining here today, on and off.  It seldom rains down here.  We probably need it to green the grass and feed those daffodil fields that are rumored to be in bloom a bit early.  Regardless, I am spoiled and not used to clouds and rain now.  I am feeling a little beige today.  I even tried to wear something colorful and it looked too bright. 
This vintage Porsche is genius.
If I had a hurricane's worth of time to recover all of my books in these craft paper and white writing jackets I would consider it.  Again, it adds to the neutral color topic of self restraint.  I LOVE a collection of neutrals, but I just don't harbor the self control to allow an edit like that.  I also LOVE color.  Myabe I could do one room in all nudes, whites, creams, etc.  That's an idea...
He was made to blend in. How cute is an owl?

I probably need a bit of this - the color, sparkle suggestion, and the needlepoint (maybe not the Valley of the Dolls situation though...).  Pillow by Jonathan Adler.

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