Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heidi's Christmas List

All within reason I believe (wink wink).
Martin Katz stackable rings. Pink Sapphire or Peridot please.  And I might need like yellow diamond or white diamond to break it up.  And maybe a black diamond one for my alternative days.  Oh and then navy sapphires and white diamond ones for stripes!  Yes! 

Eddie Borgo cone bracelets. $600 for the gold-plated version.  I would wear this everyday.  (Oh and I would wear the stacked diamond and sapphire rings daily, too.  I need more appendages or a body double.)

Rick Owens distressed leather jacket.  To go with the black diamond stacked rings.  Gorgeous. 

I am building a look here folks.  Alexander McQueen purple mink miniaudiere.  Did I mention it's mink and would look incredible with above mentioned jacket and stacked black diamond rings?

Simon Paul Scott hoof and paw candlesticks.  Come on.  These are INCREDIBLE.  (Available on the Seventh Floor @ BG)

1977 Mercedes 450 SL Roadster.  Hello. 

Rolex Oysterdate pink face with stainless steel.  Pink Face.  Need I say more?  And it's vintage 1980s of course. 
(PS would look great diamond rings...rick jacket...McQueen's mink clutch... It's beginning to sound like the 12 days of Christmas... Oh and driving that '77 Benz?)

I prefer the pink but this is a 1970s Rolex Oysterdate with an orange face and alligator bands.  Did I say anything about it being made in the 1970s?  Disco Deluxe.  Chic.
Will you be needing my shipping address or measurements? 
Merry Happy.  I hope your holiday is coming along as nicely as mine.  The only present I really wanted arrived a bit earlier than expected. 

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean I am in the clear and need not worry about "stackable rings"? lol.