Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Debbie Harry as Style Icon

I admired Debbie Harry's style for years before I could pinpoint the definition of "style".  Looking back during those experimental style years called "under 25" I should have bleached my hair at least once.  And if the internet had existed, I would have feverishly collected images of my style icons - Debbie Harry being one of my favorites.  Instead of Google Images I had grainy MTV and the video noir "Heart of Glass" played at will by the VJ's showcasing Her frazzled bleached bob and red lips.  A true icon of feminine punk rock sexy style.  
Is it too late to bleach my hair into a punk rock frizz?  I think I am lamenting my "under 25", and more recently my "under 35".
Debbie Harry as photographed by Roberta Bayley

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