Thursday, November 18, 2010

Filling a French Cuffed Void (How Civilized, and In Time for the Holidays)

I adore an intimate accessory and touch of whimsy that only I know is there.  It gives me a dash of confidence in knowing I have a secret, and sometimes only the most observant and deserving people will notice.  Maybe that's why I am so into details.  I love details and even rewatch movie scenes for hidden lines and background images (a favorite background image is one of the 80's high school dance attendees in the background of a Sixteen Candles scene...).
Cufflinks are a wonderful way for a man who is conscious of details already since he has even bothered to wear a French cuff shirt, to express his sense of comedy and style.  Take note of some of these amazing sets. 
Check out for some incredible cufflinks, as well as local vintage and thrift stores.  The Missing Link on 25th Street in NYC is a mecca for cufflink collectors.  
Carved turquoise fish cufflinks wearing sunglasses...
(available on

Gorgeous David Webb vintage leopard cufflinks. 
(available on

You're right, these are BRILLIANT.  Rabbit In The Hat cufflinks made by some genius. 
(vintage and avalable somewhere on

British Flag cufflinks.  Who doesn't love a Union Jack with a Jack on the Rocks on Union soil?
(available online at J Press)

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