Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Art of Observation

I haven't written in a while...but I have the intention to write more*.
It is my goal this late summer, that will undoubtedly melt into early fall which will feel more like a never ending Indian Summer, to spend a little more time observing. I want to document the details of color, pattern, texture, and composition that inspire me. Most importantly these careful observations, or distractions, cause me to slow down and enjoy where I*. My friend Ali (AHN) took this photo yesterday and shared it with me while we were driving to one of our favorite haunts, The Matouk Outlet, a concrete-floored garden of bed linen splendor. I loved her observation and conscious effort to capture this bed of thread. Ali's observation of detail in a seemingly average still life evokes in me the remembrance that I want to spend a little more time in the present, and some extra time sharing beautiful details.
As for the asterisked now*, consider the word. Now. As soon as you say the word "now" it is already "then". This sounds like a ludicrous rant from Spaceballs the Movie, but Dark Helmet's subordinate (Col. Sandurz) had a good point.

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