Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Homage To My Youth

Yesterday I heard a song in the UPS Store - "Let's Go All The Way" by Sly Fox. It reminded me of the time (I have reminisced about before on this blog) when I would sit in Melissa's bedroom and she would play a hall-of-fame-worthy selection of 45's like she was Dick Clark. She bought them at the Mentor Mall in the record section of a store similar to Woolworth's near the GAP.
I bought it last night on itunes. Much better sound quality but lacking that youthful excitement of plunking down a fiver for a 45. (How much did 45s cost? I feel like it was my entire cost-of-living based allowance circa 1985.) This brings me to Jake Ryan. I saw a mint Porsche 944 on East Main Road yesterday, took a picture of it and sent it to a few friends. Jake was not driving...oh how we all wish he had been...
I haven't written yet in 2010...and my 25 year old memories of Sly Fox (I mean that was a DIRTY song in1985!!!) and Jake Ryan seemed the best way to kick off The Sugar Buzz 2010.
Happy New Year. Metal Tiger is right around the corner.


Ernest said...

That's either the coolest or the lamest UPS store ever. Thanks for a musical flashback guaranteed to give me nightmares. All the same, great great great to see you back!

Heidi Brueggeman said...

It was Newbury's. The store was called Newbury's. M.Lora where you been?