Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gift Guide - Part Two - I Smell Bacon

Let us begin the Parade of Bacon. Slightly odd, mostly funny.

Well, I guess because wearing a real strip of bacon over a wound may raise a few eyebrows and cause an irritating and obvious following of flying insects and dogs. Bacon Bandages, $9.

I am not 100% sure that this bacon flavored floss will help prevent any kind of major dental issue. I think it may assist in landing someone in an asylum (do they still have asylums?).

In order to smell like bacon at all times since you cannot eat it continuously...bacon soap, $8.

To carry all of the money around to buy bacon. Bacon Wallet, $16.

Those are bacon flavored jelly beans. I suppose for snacking, craving bacon and something sweet, and also for reviving the bacon flavor in your mouth after flossing with bacon floss and also eating real cooked bacon. $5.95.
And finally (I could keep going with bacon products, scary but true) - for the person so bacon-obsessed that they have ceased making any rational decision and now must refer to the "What Would Bacon Do?" ($4.95) decision wheel. This one thing taken seriously plus any of the above will certainly land you in a bacon-free zone monitored by friends, loved ones, or men in white coats.
All kidding aside, I think these are hilarious gifts for that meat lover (or vegetarian that has a decent sense of humor) who has everything except some Bacon Accoutrements. Obviously these are not terribly kosher or approved for any kind of Hannukah celebration or hostess gift.

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Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

My BF would ove those bacon band aids!