Friday, July 3, 2009

Third Beach Plans Foiled? Stay Tuned

Third Beach...
Mother Nature's Latest Miracle in Precipitation that is Forecast for Newport later this afternoon and evening...

It is true that the forecast for Newport this weekend, weekend = Sat-Sun, is SUN and 70s. Tonight however I do not believe that anyone will let us forget who is really in charge and may unleash some kind of downpour similar to the one experienced on Wednesday at the Newport Shipyard.
Here's to hoping for clear skies, a delicious moonrise, and fireflies. It rhymed. We don't have fireflies here and no one can seem to tell me why not. They fly, don't they? Well cross a bay once in a while. We need some lightening bugs pronto.
Happy July 3rd.
p.s. Third Beach on the 3rd was a flaming success (in case this was keeping any of you up at night). We had a great time, a fire pit, stars in the sky, the whole nine years. I hope it was a great 4th of July weekend everywhere!

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