Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I love the renewal that Spring represents. This Spring in Newport we are lovingly bringing back our favorite fundraiser, Shipwrecked. Sail Newport benefits from this party by raising funds to maintain their public sailing center established in 1983 (the year the America's Cup fled Newport once and for all, sniff sniff). Some very thoughtful people got together to establish a place where the public could learn to sail and rent boats in order to maintain Newport's prominence in the U.S. as a sailing capital. Take that Annapolis.

It is a delicious coincidence that Shipwrecked this year falls on the first day of Spring; a date that to me reeks of optimism and hope. Not the kind of hope that our virgin President wants us to believe in. Hope that after the snow is gone and the grey skies have cleared, little daffodils and our friends the crocus are dying to show themselves once more. Before we know it we'll be back at the Pearl Patio sucking down frozen drinks.

So Ahoy to Spring and Shipwrecked! You can purchase tickets for the party this Saturday night, March 21st, on Sail Newport's website. Costumes are mandatory!

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i like that anchor. i will need to print that for my tattoo artist.